Cameron Fous – IKNK Trading Accelerator

Cameron Fous – IKNK Trading Accelerator


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Become A Pro Day Trader With The 90 Day IKNK Trading Accelerator

15 Year Veteran Day Trader Cameron Fous And His Top Student Mathew Sentes Guide You Every Step of the Way On Your Path To Financial Freedom


What’s It Like To Be An IKNK Trader?

  • Systematic Daily Profit Goal Strategy ( Cameron and Matt Both had record 15k and 21k Days)
  • Freedom To Travel And Work Anywhere in the world.
  • We Only Trade The Market Open (90 Minutes)
  • ​Freedom To Add More Income Streams to your life

Haven’t You Had Enough Fomo Already?

I Know What Your Problems Are… And i Feel For You

  • Stuck In a Job You Hate Or A Student With No Hope For A Better Future
  • ​Struggling Day Trader Who Can’t Consistently Make Profits?
  • Working your A** off for A boss Living the Good Life While You Struggle
  • Vacation? Yah right, you can’t afford it nor do you have the free time.​
  • Authority? Nope, you are not living life on your terms
  • ​Consuming Social Media that Makes you feel like your life is worthless

You’re stuck In Your Comfort Zone. And you Need Someone To Help You Make That Leap Of Faith To Get Out!

My Name Is Cameron Fous, I’ve Been Day Trading & Creating Iconic Traders For 15 Years & Counting

“I remember sitting in my car when i was 20 years old as a freshmen at OSU and -$300 in my bank account. I had to do something now, not in 3 years when i graduated. I decided to sell my car and use the money to learn to trade. I understood i had to make a sacrifice today… if i wanted a better tomorrow.

3 Years later in 2008? Rather than graduate my senior year… I dropped out to trade full time and start teaching people everything i had learned. The rest is history”

-Cameron Fous

The Life That Came Next Was Far Beyond My Wildest Dreams

“While I have Learned that materials do not buy happiness. I was able to experience buying all of my dream cars. And it was an amazing experience. I have since sold it all in favor or traveling and finding deeper purpose.”

Here’s Exactly How I Will Change Your Life

Success is not Luck or Hard Work… it’s INFRASTRUCTURE

When You Master The System…

The System

No matter the market conditions. Whether the economy is in meltdown and stocks are falling. Or stocks are ripping and making all time highs. I’ve been through it all and My system is designed to use different strategies and adapt to any environment the market throws at us with our programs

Mindset Shift

What most people don’t realize is that successful trading is mostly about mastering your mind and discipline. We are the only Trading education company with a full 7 Hour Course helping you achieve Self Mastery. This is our game changing CLOUD9 Program.

Mentors + network

Tony Robbins Said it best..”If you want to be successful at something, find someone who has already done it and learn exactly how they did it.” Having a mentor is literally unlocking “God Mode” and takes out the guess work in life!
We meet 3x/week in Our Group Mentor classes

You Reap The Rewards!!


There is no other job that takes so little time to get such a high reward in return. As we only trade for 90 minutes/day and can do it anywhere in the world that has a wifi or cell phone data connection. Not only that, You now have time to Explore other income Streams!


Once you master the craft of day trading and study your heart out. You will have the potential to see amazing gains in your account on a consistent basis if you follow everything we teach and stick to the rules of the strategy. Your discipline determines your income!

Purpose + Iconic

Becoming an Iconic trader puts you in position of power. Our trading community will look up to you. I personally will look up to you and be proud of you. Your sense of purpose, confidence, and happiness will boost and the people around you will be in envy.


The Worst Reaction is NO ACTION

How Much Longer Will You…

  • Continue feeling like your future has no hope?
  • ​​Stay Stuck in your current situation you KNOW you hate?
  • ​​​Not Have the Freedom to Live Life on Your Terms and Travel?
  • Wake up everyday saddened by nothing to look forward to?
  • ​​Continue to Live With Daily FOMO “Everyone Else”
  • ​Continue Failing as a Day Trader and Never Find Consistency

Here’s Whats Included In The IKNK Trading Accelerator

The Proven 90 Day Path To Trading Success & Freedom

Introduction Course (11 Topics)

  • The Truth about Trading
  • Opening an Account to Trade
  • Picking the Right Place to Trade
  • Pre-Market and After Hours Trading
  • Margin Account vs. Cash Account
  • Day Trading vs. Swing Trading
  • Short Trading vs. Long Trading
  • PDT Rule and Avoiding it
  • Reading Level 2
  • Important Trading Terminologies
  • Trade Process Breakdown

FOUS4 – Swing Trading (10 Topics)

  • Market Psychology Introduction
  • Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
  • UpTrends and DownTrends
  • Support and Resistance
  • Gold Pattern and Revival Pattern
  • Survival Pattern and Force Pattern
  • Trading Tactics
  • Buying Breakouts: When, Where and Why?
  • Risk Management Process
  • Live Trade Examples

FOUS4x2 – Day Trading (8 Topics)

  • Intraday Trading Basics
  • Intraday Time Frames
  • Phase 1, 2 and 3 Breakout Patterns
  • The Infamous F-Pattern
  • Finding Stocks to Trade
  • Watchlist Building Tutorial
  • Winning vs Losing Trades
  • Live Trading Examples

FOUS4x3 – Short Selling (10 Topics)

  • Shorting Fundamentals
  • Stock Locate Methods
  • Low Float Stocks
  • Float Rotation
  • Short Interest
  • Top Shorting Indicators
  • Shorting Daily Parabolics
  • High Probability Shorting Patterns
  • Understanding Biotech stocks
  • Trade Reviews

CLOUD9 – Trading Psychology (7 Topics)

  • Trading Psychology Fundamentals
  • Characteristics of a Pro Trader
  • How to Control Your Emotions
  • How Overconfidence Can Hurt Your Profits
  • Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
  • Mentally Thriving Against the Competition
  • Reaching CLOUD9 State-of-Mind


Sales Page: _https://iknktraders.com/info-accelerator3


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