Doc Severson – Price Action Madness

Doc Severson – Price Action Madness


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If you are serious about trading & price action, then it is absolutely vital that you have to have a very good understanding of the market structure. After all it is the structure on which you are going to lean on to make trade decisions. The market speaks and we need to listen and if you have studied technical analysis, you no doubt have realised that market speaks the language of supply & demand, and that message is broadcast on price charts. You have to decipher the clues in the market structure on the left and make decisions by observing price action on the right if you want to be the wolf among the sheep.

The goal of this short course by Doc Severson is to help you understand and recognise market structure, which in turn will help you identify your trading edge regardless of which trading time frame which you find most comfortable. And it is very clear that Doc is a master of the subject by the simple way he explains the whole concept and uses just a box to teach the method of looking out for trend reversal and where to concentrate and look for high probable trades.

The 2nd concept that the course covers is how to properly incorporate multi-time frame analysis in your trading. The highest probability trades are revealed when we do our analysis on multiple timeframes. And one of the things that you should realise that like in nature, in markets too there are fractal relationships. “Fractal” means that larger things are really made up of a collection of identical smaller things, so its patterns within patterns. Markets do the same thing as what we see in nature, creating “patterns within patterns” from smaller timeframes to larger ones. To properly breakdown a chart and to analyse on multiple timeframes you have to know which fractal time series to apply. Doc explains in an easy manner on how to achieve this and train your eyes to see the fact that larger timeframe swings are comprised of several identical smaller-timeframe swings and how to properly utilise that information to your advantage.

Though its a short course of 5 hours, I am sure the lessons learnt from it will be a part of your trading strategy for a lifetime.

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