Funded Trading Institution Course 2.0

Funded Trading Institution Course 2.0


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Example Curriculum


Introduction video

Smart Money Concept Foundation

Order Blocks

Market Structure / Trend

Breaker Blocks

Fair Value Gaps/ Imbalance


Power of 3

Time and Price theory

Tying it up pt.1

Weekly Outlook

9/15/22 AUDUSD Outlook

9/20/22 Weekly Outlook

9/21/22 Weekly outlook

9/24/22 Weekly Recap

9/26/22 Weekly outlook

10/2/22 Weekly outlook

10/4/22 Weekly outlook

10/8/22 Weekly Recap

10/10/22 Weekly Outlook

10/17/22 Weekly Outlook


Advice for Beginners

Blue print to success in trading

Why I use a 1:2 Risk to reward system

Conservative way to tackle a challenge

Aggressive system to tackle Challenge

Last week on challenge

How to tackle verification

Monthly % goal

My system as a 7 figure funded trader

How I first built discipline

Best source I learned for trading psychology

Steps to follow after being Funded

My journey

Which prop firms to join?

How to go about a red day

My goal for 2023.

How I currently tackle challenges after hitting 7 figures

Trader Copier

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