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ClusterDelta is a solid professional quality software tool used by big institutions.
ClusterDelta will Transform Your Metatrader into a Professional Trading Platform. ClusterDelta also provides Real-time order flow market Data Feed directly from an international exchanges like CME on MT4 & MT5.

Here are the 5 professional software charts you’ll see on every Big Banks/Hedge Funds traders screen;

  • Footprint Chart
  • Imbalance Tool
  • Volume Profile
  • Market Profile
  • VWAP Chart

Similar Pro Tools Big Banks Use

Below you will see the charts we use on a daily basis, to help find areas of TRUE Supply & Demand levels, using these charts to highlight areas of interest, we can start to stack confluences in our favour to increase the probability of making correct trading decisions. A lot of Supply & Demand or Smart Money Concept traders are now using #ClusterDelta charts in conjunction with their previous trading knowledge or strategies to help add even more confluence to their trades. These ClusterDelta charts, and the way we use them, could well be the MISSING LINK you’ve been looking for in your trading career.


You’ll be added to our private student group where you’ll watch all the exclusive tutorial VIDEOS from MODULE 1 to MODULE 14. The videos will help you to understand how we use our #ClusterDelta tools and all the parameter settings of each charts, including the PRO COURSE videos.


  • Trapped Buyers / Sellers
  • Ability To See Pure Absorption
  • Stacked Orderflow Imbalances
  • POC Of Each BIDxASK Candle
  • Custom Volume & Delta Shifts
  • Delta Profile (Shown On Right Side Of Chart)

With ClusterDelta #Footprint chart a trader gains the ability to analyze order-flow in real-time to see TRAPPED buyers or sellers. Doing this, a trader has a deeper insights of the market activity. It displays the real volume of bid x ask traded at each price for a period. ClusterDelta #Footprint chart is useful for finding strong key Supply and Demand levels by locating high volume clusters. A trader should look for concentration of high Volumes and/or Delta at their point of interest. DO NOT IGNORE THIS.


  • Value Area High (VAH)
  • Value Area Low (VAL)
  • POC (Red Line)
  • Custom Setting High Volume Node and Low Volume Node

ClusterDelta #Marketprofile (volumeprofile) displays a distribution of horizontal lines for each price. The length of the lines corresponds to the total number of volume of contracts traded. Using a custom range settings of the #Marketprofile, a trader can measure a price from swing low to swing high and find the most important price level – the POC. The Point Of Control is a price level where maximum amount of contracts (volume) were traded.


  • Green Dot (Buy Imbalance)
  • Red Dot (Sell Imbalance)
  • Supply Levels
  • Demand Levels

ClusterDelta #Imbalance is a tool which extracts data from the footprint chart. The #imbalance tool highlights abnormal imbalances from real-time BIDxASK data received directly from an international exchanges like CME. Using this #Imbalance tool, the trader can easily spot the imbalances of buy or sell trades ICEBERG unfilled orders from the #footprint on their OHLC charts. The imbalances settings can be adjusted to suit the individual traders needs. The imbalances can provide a short-term and long-term reversal in the price.


  • Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP)
  • Standard Deviation (-1)
  • Standard Deviation (-2)
  • Standard Deviation (-3)
  • Daily Anchored VWAP
  • Weekly VWAP
  • Monthly VWAP

ClusterDelta #VWAP calculates average price traded using real volumes received directly from the international exchanges. The VWAP is an important tool largely used by big Banks & Institutions/hedge funds. This chart shows VWAPS for multiple Days / Weeks / Months, along with a standard deviation band which we personally use in a specific trading environment. We also have a custom range measured added. Combining these tools will transform your trading strategy.

Simplify Your Trading

The GOVA TRADING ACADEMY ClusterDelta Software Tools is for anyone struggling with Forex and looking for a working strategy and steps to get funded and withdraw from the market!

Beat The Retail Nonsense

GOVA TRADING ACADEMY helps traders learn faster, trade smarter with simple, repeatable trading methods in the PRO COURSE, based on real-time professional order-flow trading strategies. We find key hidden levels of Supply & Demand that provides great trading opportunities.

Are you struggling to get funded or make any money with trading?

  • Are you always in the red no matter what trades you take?
  • You can find good trades but still can’t make a profit at the end of the month?
  • Can’t figure out how people get funded and make money every month?

Trading is challenging, but it should not be painful and depressing.

  • Imagine knowing what you are looking for in the market and trading one method profitably.
  • GTA transforms retail traders into world-class professional traders through order flow education and mentorship.
  • Learn to predict market turning points in advance even before they happen, with a high degree of deadly accuracy.

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