[Instant Download] 2% Theory – How To Go From $1K to $1M in 1 Year by Anna Marko

[Instant Download] 2% Theory – How To Go From $1K to $1M in 1 Year by Anna Marko


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Anna Macko – 2% Theory – How To Go From $1K to $1M in 1 Year with the 2% Theory

This class will teach you how to make passive income – The set up is less than 20 minutes and your returns are guaranteed in USD – Average 12% Returns Per Year – There are different options

Volatility of markets and crashes do not affect us

* I am not a financial advisor

* This is not financial advice

* This is simply what I do with my own finances

* Please be aware – my social media accounts have been hacked – there are people who stole my photos & imitating me & going by different names with my photos – this is not me – they either selling you fake products that change all the links that take you to scammy platforms OR they ask you to send Bitcoin to them – Or they act as a broker – you do not need a broker –  please do not send bitcoin to anyone – Use a credit card to pay for this course as when you use proper channels, you get protected

Course Contents

Welcome to the 2% Theory!

  • A message from Anna – Intro
  • How to use this course

How to use this 2% Theory

  • Before you begin to Use the 2%
  • Theory2% Theory Strategy

The 2% Theory

  • Spreadsheet – Your trading Journal 2% $1000 to $1,000,000 in 365 trades (part 1)
  • Landmark 1.1.

Crypto On Fire Add Ons

  • Get this!
  • We’re adding onto Crypto On Fire
  • Landmark

Stay Safe: Especially FOR USA Customers (and Quebec)

  • USA & Quebec are special
  • Landmark
  • VPN

Step 1: Simplify

  • Simplify & Focus Notes
  • Simplify Your Screen!
  • So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Step 2: Pick Your Day

  • Pick Your Day (live trade part1)
  • Types of Trading Days
  • 2% Theory Don’t Break These Rules

Step 3: Prepare & Protect yourself from losses

  • In action – Protect yourself (live trade part2)
  • Explaining the taking part – profit section
  • Protection Lesson – Protect yourself from a loss
  • Risky

Step 4.1.: How to predict the future – win every time

  • The Dynamite Candles Russian Dolls Strategy
  • The Tiger Tails strategy
  • This will make you BETTER
  • Wait for this to get in! Instant Profit!
  • Editing A Stop Market
  • Landmark

Steps 4.2.: Great tips Live Trade – Entering Perfectly

  • Trade Part 3
  • Entering Perfectly Like Zen Master from Heaven on a Sunday

Step 4.3.: The FORMULA to win trades – STEP BY STEP

  • How to win a trade every time! STEP BY STEP FORMULA
  • Landmark

Step 5: How to Take profit & stay in profit with this trick

  • How to Take Profit – Fast
  • The trick of the trade – Trick to stay in profit
  • Profit is Profit – How to stay in profit
  • In profit Trick (j)
  • Profit in Minutes
  • Demo Taking Profit Automatically
  • Keep that profit!
  • Live Trade – Stops
  • Live Trade Stay in Profit & Amend
  • Q&A Stay in Profit
  • Landmark

Strategy Never Lose Part 1: How to never get liquidated again!

  • Do not get liquidated! Need to fight it off
  • How to Never Lose a Trade
  • How To Never Get Liquidated
  • Avoid Liquidation
  • Signals
  • Important Lessons!
  • * Calculate before you liquidate chat while I trade
  • * Liquidation Price Leverage Risk
  • Don’t break this rule! FIGHT-LIQUIDATION with all you got!
  • Never do this!
  • Understanding how to play the game
  • Landmark
  • Avoid Liquidation

Strategy Never Lose Part 2: Did you Lose A Trade? Do this

  • Do this if you lost a trade
  • Don’t Blame the Market, Ask yourself this
  • How to Stop getting Liquidated
  • Landmark

Strategy: Get Rich with these Accounts

  • Your accounts strategy

How to become a Crypto Super Hero or Crypto Goddess (part 4)

  • The Super Hero Strategy (live trade part 4)

Super Hero Time! Live Trading Leverage lessons (Live trade part 5)


2% Theory Strategy Recap

  • 2% Theory Strategy – Snake in the grass
  • 2% Theory Strategy – Spot the Weakness
  • 2% Theory Strategy – Avoid Liquidation2% Theory Strategy – Make profits automatically
  • 2% Theory Strategy – ETH BTC Tip
  • 2% Theory Strategy – Limit
  • 2% Theory Strategy – Stop in the name of love before you break my heart

Don’t make these mistakes

  • Mistakes Traders MakeIf you missed! It’s ok. Do this
  • Landmark


  • 2% Theory Results Worksheet
  • Landmark

Strategy: The Python Approach

  • The Python Approach Explained

Strategy: Sky is the Limit! The Instant Profit Strategy

  • 1. The Easy money strategy
  • Instant Profit When you do this! Fun to Wake up to!
  • 3. Just woke up 54% profit – Don’t limit yourself! Use this strategy
  • 4. A Must Read
  • 5. What to be careful of
  • Landmark

Strategy: How to make a full-time income trading 2 hours a day

  • How to profit trading so you can quit your job
  • Landmark

Rule: Don’t try to save money by losing it – Instead, Trade Faster & Don’t Miss

  • Trade Faster & Don’t Miss

Rule: Compound Interest – 8th Wonder of the World

  • Compound Interest

Rule: When you start gaining $20,000+

  • Calculate this

Rule: Adaptor and Win – Adapt to the motion of the ocean

  • 2% how to make money in Adapting to Bitcoin

Rule: An Important Rule about trading like a Rockstar

  • An important Rule About Trading Like a Rockstar
  • Bye Bye Money? People trading when they shouldn’t

Bonus Strategy: How to become a rich crypto rockstar!

  • Rockstar Freedom
  • Becoming a superhero!
  • Landmark

Bonus Strategy: How to Quit Your Job Using The 2% Theory

  • How to Quit Your Job with the 2% Theory

Bonus Strategy: Another way to make a side income with crypto with $1,300

  • With $1,300 How to make a side income!

Bonus Strategy: Another ZEN Calm way of trading!

  • Follow DirectionUSA friendly PlatformLive Trade (j)LandmarkFees (Update)

Before Bed Strategy

  • Before Bed Habits – Strategy

Q & A: A. This Profit Calculator is BOSS

  • Question about profit calculation
  • Landmark

Q & A: Q.Realistically – What can I make with $100?

  • Realistically, what can I make with $100
  • Worksheet – Play with this to see realistically what you can make with $100

Q & A

  • MF
  • Why I enter Like This
  • ROE Q
  • Can I make $25k out of $5k?
  • QA – Calculate this
  • Q&A
  • DO I buy this?

When is it gambling and when is it hunting?

  • When it is gambling vs hunting?

Next steps

  • Before you go

SNEAK PEEK – Organising and editing these

  • The Wallet (for 100/day)
  • Wallets Wallets Wallets
  • For 100/Day Moving
  • Stops to stay in profit
  • profit in Minutes – Stops to profit no matter what
  • Bull or Bear Market?
  • Common Mistakes
  • Locking in profit
  • Are you following the rules?
  • Missed it?
  • Growing like this – Slow and Steady Wins the Race


  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4

Your 2% Theory PLAN + QA

  • 2% Theory Trading Cryptocurrency Plan & QA

More Q&A

  • Why I am Stuck in Trade? It was green!?
  • Calculation QA

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