Instant Forex Profits – Kishore M

Instant Forex Profits – Kishore M


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Kishore M Forex Trading course, Instant FX Profits, is an coaching course that is certified by the Metropolitan Business School of United Kingdom (MBS), making it  the only forex trading course certified by a tertiary institution. It features 10 strategies such as the Instant Pip Profit Strategy, 100% Accuracy Profit Strategy, Non Farm Payroll Profit Strategy, Pip Breakout Explosive Profit Strategy, Pip Maximizer Strategy, Pip Divergence Strategy, Pip Retracement Strategy, etc.

What you will learn from the course are:

  • Forex Trading Brain Transplant – impart powerful trading mindset of fund manager into you. This prepares you to start trading with an expert mindset even if you have zero experience

  • What are the major trading currencies in the market – picking the correct currencies can make you thousand of dollars

  • How to calculate your profits for every single trade

  • Special characteristics of every major currencies – you will discover the special tricks to make decision on what to trade every single day

  • How to profit massively in an uptrend market

  • How to profit in downtrend market – this is 1 most important skill you will learn to trade like a winner

  • A detailed step by step tutorial setting you off on the right foot by introducing you to a forex broker that is honest and reliable

  • Explain required documents to get your trading accounts approved instantly – shortcut your application process by 50% time span

  • Easy trading account setup & guided tour of your trading account

  • How to buy and sell inside your trading account – pressing the wrong button will cause you a bomb

  • How to automize your trading account so that you can buy and forget

  • Trend Determination – I give a detailed explanation of how to determine the trend and ensure that you are NOT trading against the big dogs

  • Learn how to use different time frames to confirm your trade – using the 5min, 15min, 30min, 1hr, 4hr, daily and weekly charts

  • Support and resistance – know exactly in what situation you can make more money

  • How to determine whether a market is being overbought or being oversold before you make your trading decision to maximize your profits

  • How to define your winning entry and exit targets, and trade profitably at exact entry points and exit points

  • How to trade Forex with 100% accuracy for every single month

  • Discover how to gain the back door access in peeping what the big players are trading

  • The step by steps guide in making thousands of dollars of daily income – you won’t have money worries anymore

  • My most powerful strategy: FX Futures, combining futures trading and spot forex – just this strategy alone can make you $100,000 a year and more Proprietary Trading Strategies……

  • How to forecast economic condition & profit from it

  • When the bank of each major currencies will announce news that will shake the forex market & explode your income

  • What are the economics indicators that have strong influence on price movement & how you can capitalize it

  • How each economics indicator affect the currencies and when you should pay attention on it ( << killer strategy for you)

  • How much you should invest in each trade

  • What is the most important thing in trading that 90% of the traders ignore

  • The most crucial question that you should ask yourself before you make any trade

  • Essential money management rules used by the professionals & fund manager to ensure the odds are firmly fixed in your favour.

  • The right trader mindset – setting the foundation to avoid suffering from emotional problem

  • Finally revealed – the 10 irrefutable traits that all traders must develop and attain in order to make over $100,000 in a single year

  • Step by step plan in generating $2000 a week consistently, which is more than $100,000 in your first year of trading

  • You will get to see from A-Z, step by step video on how I research a currency on a LIVE forex market before I place an order

  • You will get to see how I actually apply the forex profit strategies your learnt in LIVE forex market

  • You will get to see how I operate my trading account to place an order & make profits from the LIVE forex market


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