Intraday Trading Using the Wyckoff Method

Intraday Trading Using the Wyckoff Method


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Wyckoff Method Trading and Education

At Wyckoff Analytics we offer you an exciting educational path to increase your trading profits through a series of interactive webinars based on the pioneering market insights of legendary trader and educator, Richard D. Wyckoff. Many successful professional traders use the Wyckoff Method to read price bars and volume to infer the intentions of large institutions (“the smart money”), and thus to anticipate (and profit from!) future price movement.

The Wyckoff Method works well on all time frames in which institutional traders and other large-scale professionals operate, including intra-day, swing trading (days to weeks), and longer-term investing (months to years). Our students and alumni apply the Wyckoff Method to trade stocks, options, ETFs, commodities futures contracts, E-minis, currencies and crypto-currencies – in short, they have found that this approach to recognizing the hallmarks and directional bias of institutional trading works in all freely traded markets.

Intraday Trading Using the Wyckoff Method

This video series — “Intraday Trading Using the Wyckoff Method” — was recorded as a webinar on March 19, 2016, by Golden Gate University Adjunct Professor Roman Bogomazov. The Wyckoff Method was developed in the early 20th century by Richard D. Wyckoff, a legendary trader and one of the founding “titans” of technical analysis. Wyckoff’s approach to the markets continues to be used by successful professional and institutional traders because it provides a means to reliably anticipate future market direction by analyzing only price action, volume and time.

Although this methodology works well in any time frame, Wyckoff himself found it to be exceptionally profitable for day-trading. “Intraday Trading Using the Wyckoff Method” was designed by Mr. Bogomazov specifically for intermediate and advanced traders, and includes:

~Pre-trade routines:

  • How to select the best trade candidates based on analysis of their daily swing, trend and overall market structure
  • Pre-open comparative strength analysis for stock trades

~Tactics for trade entry and management

  • Points of entry
  • Initial stop-loss orders
  • Wyckoff-type exits

~Switching timeframes from intraday entries to longer-term swing positions to dramatically boost reward-to-risk ratios
~Illustrative case studies of intraday trades of E-minis, currencies and leading stocks
~A pdf handout of all the slides used in the presentation

You will have one full year from the date of purchase to view and review these content-packed videos!


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