Phantom Trading Mentorship 2022

Phantom Trading Mentorship 2022


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Learn From Profitable Traders

At Phantom Trading you’ll get to learn from and interact directly with our team of actual profitable traders with years of consistent profitability under their belt.

With the founders having over 20+ years of combined industry experience and over 6+ years experience trading private investor funds, you’ll get to learn from accomplished traders.

Get Industry Leading Support From Real Traders

You’ll also get daily support, access to market commentaries and bi-weekly live backtesting and Q&A sessions from Phantom Trading’s in-house team of profitable, prop-firm and privately funded Phantom Team members with a track record of making consistent returns in the market.

Join Our Global Trading Community

As a part of the Phantom Trading Membership you’ll get access to our team, our recaps and our daily breakdowns of currency pairs, indices, and commodities we all trade – plus access to our global trading community, all through Discord!

You’ll get to interact directly with both our team of expert traders and get the opportunity to meet and be surrounded by other like-minded Phantom Members at different stages of their trading journey

The Power of Being Surrounded With Other Like-Minded Traders

Get a unique opportunity to build long lasting friendships through Discord with your fellow Phantoms as you learn, study, secure funding, find consistency, and grow into consistently profitable traders, together.

Build Your Trading Skills & Consistency

At Phantom we won’t sell you an unrealistic dream. Instead, we provide the tools and strategies so that a trader at any level can pick it up, whether you’re completely new to trading, or an experienced veteran in the markets. We’ve designed Phantom so that anyone can dive in and learn to trade the exact same way as us.

No one at Phantom claims trading is an easy journey, and anyone who tells you otherwise is being deceptive. The entire team has each been through their own journey where we’ve failed, learned from our mistakes, gone through the ups and downs, and made it to the other side.

Phantom Trading Is Designed To Help You Find Your Consistency As A Trader

Phantom provides you with a means to go from inconsistent, unprofitable, and lacking discipline –
to a highly disciplined, consistent, profitable, funded trader that sticks to their plan. We won’t
promise you consistency as a trader in 6 months, or a year, or longer because we acknowledge
everyone learns and finds their consistency at a different pace.

Become A Profitable & Funded Trader

Whether you trade a demo account or small personal account now, have never taken or passed a funding challenge, or you’ve successfully secured funding through a prop firm but blew your account… we are here to help!

Phantom aims to help you find your consistency, get funding and most importantly, help you keep it!

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