Python for Traders Masterclass

Python for Traders Masterclass


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Build Your CV with Hands-On Projects

Project #1: Backtest a Trading Algorithm

The first project introduces you to the practical aspects of researching, developing, and backtesting a trading algorithm using Python in a real research environment. It will be your first foray into writing and running a comprehensive trading algorithm, encapsulating everything from strategy formulation to performance evaluation.

Project #2: Plot a 3D Implied Volatility Surface

Following the module on options and derivatives pricing, you’ll learn how to calculate implied volatility across an options market by applying Black-Scholes in Python. Then you’ll build an interactive 3D visualization of the volatility surface, a key diagram that shows how market uncertainty changes with different option prices and expiration dates.

Project #3: Design a Limit Order Book

A Limit Order Book is perhaps the most important data structure in electronic trading, and a ton of effort is put into the design and performance of data structures behind it. In this project, you’ll learn step by step how to create your own design, focusing on how orders are arranged and the impact that has on performance of core market operations.

Build a Market Making Bot

In the capstone project, you’ll build a market making bot that can place limit orders that provide liquidity to an exchange. You’ll learn about market making in detail, including tactics for capturing the bid-ask spread, managing directional exposure, and responding to changing market conditions. While this bot won’t be taking on the NYSE any time soon, building it will be a highly educational, comprehensive, and rewarding challenge that will put everything you’ve learned in the course to the test.

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