[SALE] Carl Allen – Business Buying Accelerator 2.0

[SALE] Carl Allen – Business Buying Accelerator 2.0


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I’ve taken everything I have learned from more than 250 business acquisitions ($52.3 Billion in deals, across 24 years and 17 different countries and 23 different industry sectors). I have channeled all this into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the theory but also the actual execution of each and every step so you can do the same. You can model my process, my skills, my techniques and my tricks of the trade.

Yes, you will learn the strategies behind everything that you do, but more importantly, you will have a meticulous, step-by-step deal project plan that leaves nothing and takes nothing for granted, as you implement what I teach you. The end result: A profitable, established, small business that you own and a new set of skills that will feed you and serve you for the rest of your life.


Is the first program of it’s kind that …
If you find yourself nodding along with ANY of the following, then you are in the perfect position to enroll in the Business Buying Accelerator and buy your first business inside of 99 days.


It maps the millions of businesses available to buy directly to YOUR unique mix of experiences, skills, passion and lifestyle choices.


Allows you to use the businesses’ own resources to fund a deposit on the purchase and then pay the seller the rest in the future using a share of the businesses’ future profits.


I show you how you can OWN the business BUT NOT have to work inside it, day to day (if you don’t want to) giving you the time to do what you really want.


There are 2,440,916 businesses available to buy just in the UK and North America. The wave of retiring baby boomers will send another 8,400,000 businesses to market over the next 10 to 15 years (source: CAABB) and with only ONE buyer for every 73 of these businesses.


What if you could buy one of these businesses, without spending your own cash? That’s what the Business Buying Accelerator is all about. We are in the biggest buyer’s market of the past 100 years. All you need is a tried and tested system that you can execute step by step.


  • How to establish your deal making mindset
  • Understanding basic financial analysis and business buying basics
  • Important housekeeping items and the ten commandments of the system
  • How to define your dream business by examining your skills, knowledge, passion and target locations
  • Understanding the difference between owning a business and operating it and why others can operate the business for you
  • How to define your ideal business size by developing a wealth creation plan and working backwards from your ultimate financial goals
  • How to originate hundreds of solid opportunities for deals from burned-out owner managers, time-starved investors and changing big businesses
  • Why building trust, credibility and rapport is essential in you positioning yourself as the safe pair of hands and the perfect buyer
  • Multiple deal origination methods including social media, your human network, events, direct approaches and business brokers
  • How to research each target business inside of 10 minutes and determine how the opportunity maps to your deal specification
  • How to quickly identify the best opportunities from the hundreds you have originated to ensure you prioritize your time and effort
  • How to approach sellers, set up meetings and the critical rules of engagement when you are face to face
  • How to analyse the business financials inside of 10 minutes, including the income statement, balance sheet and cash flows
  • How to structure a deal instantly using the deal structuring tool provided and ensuring the business can pay for itself
  • How to determine what funding is available before making an offer
  • How to expertly raise all types of finance, including business debt, equity investment, grant and forgivable loans
  • Why some of the funding doesn’t ever need to repaid until you sell the business at a later date
  • How the funding will work inside of the business, post deal and why the lines of credit will also help you grow the business faster
  • Simple and advanced negotiation methods and how to play deals off against each other to get the very best terms
  • How to build an offer sequence by starting low and only paying the absolute minimum for the business
  • How to quickly submit the offer using the templates provided
  • Why establishing exclusivity is critical prior to closing the deal and how to submit a letter of intent (LOI) to purchase the business using the template provided
  • How to hire contingent fee lawyers and accountants to transact the deal for you and have the business pay their fees
  • Although your contingent advisers handle due diligence and the legal contract, it’s important to understand exactly what the process entails


What exactly happens at closing including final checklists and a complete review of the business buying process

When and how you get your closing cash out of the deal

Going to the business as the owner for the first time


  • If you find yourself nodding along with ANY of the following, then you are in the perfect position to enroll in the Business Buying Accelerator and buy your first business inside of 99 days.
  • You are an employee in someone else’s business, sick and tired of the 9-5, the barking orders at you, workplace bullying, glass ceilings and knowing that every ounce of your time, energy, skills and sweat is lining someone else’s pocket.
  • You want to build a start-up. Why start a new business from scratch and play the 96% failure rate (source: Michael Gerber, the E-Myth) when you can buy a business someone else has built successfully for you? You can then innovate from within and guess what? You will have employees to help you, cash flow to pay you, premises and equipment to use and customers to sell your new innovation to when it’s ready.
  • You want to buy a franchise. Franchises are less risky than start-up businesses however they are expensive, restrictive and very difficult to sell. Why would someone buy your franchise business when it’s going to be cheaper to start their own (you plan on selling it for more than you paid for it, right? Otherwise, what’s the point?)
  • You are a consultant fixing other people’s businesses. This could be in sales, marketing, operations, supply chain or anything else. But let me ask you a question. Why would you spend your time, for fees, driving improvements and cash flow into the owner’s pockets when you can buy that business (or a similar business) without spending your own cash then all your consulting expertise will generate improvements and cash flows that’s all yours.
  • You own a business already and you are finding it difficult to grow your sales revenues customer by customer, find new talented employees and improving your cash flow. If you go and buy a complementary business and then combine it with the one you already have you will solve all three of those problems. You can sell your own products and services to the customers of your new business (and vice versa), consolidate operations (where you save lots of cash thus driving profits and cash flow) and you automatically inherit new employees. Not rocket science is it?
  • So if any of the above resonates, then I can’t wait to welcome you to the Business Buying Accelerator and reward your commitment with the most COMPLETE implementation system available for small business acquisitions.


Once you have purchased your first business, how to bolt-on other deals inside of your funnel

The 600% profit accelerator and why cross-selling products and services between customers and combining operations will turbo-charge profit and ultimately your value

How to merge complimentary businesses together and earn both lucrative fees and equity just for playing matchmaker

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