[SALES] OFA – Volume Profile Course by Mark Stone

[SALES] OFA – Volume Profile Course by Mark Stone


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Join the OFA/VPA revolution!

OFA has a long history of revolutionizing analytical tools into logic-driven processes to allow traders to understand the electronic markets rather than just being pawns in the game. Beginning with our industry-shattering method of dynamically measuring buyer and seller activity in the print, OFA continues to pioneer tick-by-tick volume-based analysis through astonishing chart studies and unparalleled training.

Because we at OFA are committed to improving our innovations and insights, we are proud to announce a new course on our own unique perspective of Volume Profile Analysis.

Volume Profile has become a prominent trading methodology over the past several years, surpassing its predecessor, the Market Profile, in both popularity and logic. The basis of VP is to identify statistical distributions of volume in order to pinpoint trading opportunities and targets within a few ticks of key support and resistance levels. Volume Profile is a natural fit with Order Flow trading, and as with any other development, OFA has taken it to the next level.

All I can say is, “wow.” This is, without question, the most elegant volume profile tool I have ever seen. Ever. And I have seen a lot of them.

It actually made me laugh. And I mean that in a good way. Click, drag, and “holy mackerel!”

I’ve been a kid on Christmas morning for the last hour.


Peter Osterlund
Applied Analytica LLC

Learn to Read the Market and Trade Effectively

Not only have we built a better mousetrap, we’ve designed a comprehensive training course to teach traders precisely how to integrate Volume Profile with the powerful analysis OFA is already famous for.

Learning how to trade in today’s markets can be a very daunting and frustrating task. There are so many options of instruments and derivatives to choose from and each has an abundance of “systems” and “methods” teaching “secret ways” of trading.

The reality is that the market is simply an auction with buyers and sellers actively pushing price higher and lower. There is NO secret to trading. Trading has always been about understanding the convictions, strengths and weaknesses of the “active” buyers and sellers and trading with those that are moving price. When you understand what the other players are trying to do, you can effectively trade with them.

The OFA Volume Profile Analysis (OFA/VPA) tool and course are designed to provide you with a complete view of a market’s auction, to help you identify and understand a market’s structure, risk areas, and trade opportunities. The course will provide you with a full understanding of the volume profile and teach you how to:

  • Build and follow effective and objective trade plans that accommodate the auction moving higher, moving lower, or remaining in balance in a given day.
  • Understand and identify when change is happening in a market and take advantage of it.
  • Incorporate the OFA Framework, Volume Cluster Analysis, and Momentum Analysis to more effectively manage risk and hold for profits.
  • More successfully identify where, when, and why fade and trend opportunities exist.
  • Better identify and hold for likely targets.
  • Incorporate order flow analysis into your decisions for healthier risk management and objectivity.
  • Utilize the OFA tools across all of the instruments that you trade.

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