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Simpler Trading – Stop Missing Hidden Trades Elite


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Uncover “hidden” moves that are ‘all lined up’ and ready to go

With years of knowledge and trading experience, most traders still get caught up in the “day-to-day market traps.”

That’s what John Carter realized when stocks erased all the gains from one month in ONE day. That loss wasn’t the best outcome for John, but he rediscovered the secret to winning in these conditions after it.

Now, of course, you can imagine John kicking himself. By forgetting about this ONE killer strategy, he missed some obvious setups.

But instead of letting other traders fall into those same “day-to-day traps” he wants to show you his system for finding “high confidence” setups.

In fact, it’s the same system that allowed him to catch this overnight gain of $611K in 2020!

As you can see above, this was when the market was more volatile than it had been in revent years. It was then that John discovered a new way to get in on moves that are “all lined up” and ready to go.

Even more “funny,” he forgot that this system has always been a powerful asset in almost any market environment.

The system behind John’s 7-figure “Squeeze Pro” setups

When Squeezes DO line up in multiple timeframes, it alerts John that a monster trade could be forming. That’s especially true in a volatile, fast-moving market. Simpler Trading’s Founder, John Carter, wants to show you how he uncovered 7-figure “Squeeze Pro” setups in TSLA, Bonds, metals, and GOOGL.

In fact, since John loves the Squeeze so much, we also want to re-introduce the Multi-Squeeze Pro system and this training. It offers the potential to uncover hidden Squeezes.

Like this overnight setup in ES that generated over 2K…

Sure enough, the ES gapped up 48 points. A simple options setup that came with strictly limited risk.

Although John may have a track record of 7-figure gains, you may not know that he also uses the Multi Squeeze Pro in his “small account.” In fact, when it was first developed, John tested this indicator on his $14k account and generated a quick $1,950 profit.

In this step-by-step training, you’ll discover:

Identify all 3 Squeeze Pro setups across
18 timeframes — at a glance

Get in on explosive moves as they start
(thanks to early ‘Squeeze’ detection)

Catch ‘Sneaky Squeezes’ that require a
multi-timeframe perspective

Use the Multi Squeeze Pro for intraday AND swing trades

See which Squeezes are ‘all lined up and ready to go’ (only take the best!)

Avoid FOMO and ONLY target setups that meet these criteria

Includes Premium Package + Squeeze Pro Stats Tool + 2 Days Recorded Elite Live Trading
+ Simpler Options Monthly

With the Elite Package, you get everything in the Basic and Premium packages, plus two additional days of
recorded Elite Live Trading. For traders who want to go to the next level quicker, this package includes four total
days of recorded live trading with John Carter.

The Elite Package is the “all-in” choice. This is for traders who are ready to level up as fast as possible.
This “double” live trading package allows traders to experience different market conditions.

And if you’re not convinced that this is the best choice for you, the Elite Package also includes…

Elite Package Bonus: Squeeze Pro Stats Tool

(Value $397)

If you really want to ‘geek out’, you can with this breakthrough analytical tool. As the name suggests, The Stats Tool enables you to plan out trades using historical Squeeze Pro performance details at the top of your charts.

The goal of this unprecedented analytical power is to allow you to see the average gain and duration of a Squeeze, on whatever chart and whatever timeframe you’re viewing. It can be applied to stocks, futures, forex, crypto — if you can trade it, you can measure it. It’ll also tell you how long the average Squeeze lasts before it fires, and how many Squeezes fired long vs. fired short. These stats are available for EACH Squeeze Pro level on any chart at a glance.

This makes it possible to anticipate the potential reward to help guide you in trade selection and management — based on actual data specific to the chart you’re viewing. Note: Options traders will absolutely LOVE these stats!

Available for ThinkorSwim and TradeStation.

Simpler Options (Monthly)

Simpler Options Membership (renewed monthly) is where the Simpler Trading community gets together to interact, ask questions, share ideas, and trade the market live.

With our Simpler Options Membership, you get to connect with John and our team of traders as they share trading ideas in real-time during live chat room sessions.

Live Trading Chat Room

Connect with our veterans live five days a week for setups, watchlist building, and trading.

Trade Alerts

Download our free app to receive instant updates what’s happening in the market.

Daily Premium Videos

Receive a recap of the trading day with trade setups and key highlights.

Training Room Access

Similar to our Live Trading Chat Room, the Training Room is designed to focus on getting traders up to speed on trading knowledge and insight as well as a solid foundation.

Trading Room Archives

Gain instant access to our live trading chat room recordings and trade alerts on all your mobile devices.

And so much more…

As an active Simpler Options member, you’ll see the latest strategies in action from John and the team. Why trade alone when you can get trading ideas from our team in real-time?

Meet John Carter

John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, has been a full-time trader since 1996. In 1999, tired of talking to his goldfish while trading alone in his office, John launched TradetheMarkets.com to post his trading ideas. The company has since evolved into what is now Simpler Trading. When the markets go awry (as they often do), John is the trading expert people follow. Many of our traders have taken ideas and strategies from him and morphed them into their own. He’s truly one of the best with a level of charisma that draws people in which has transformed him into the popular trader he is today.

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