Simpler Trading – Strike Zone Strategy 2021 Elite

Simpler Trading – Strike Zone Strategy 2021 Elite


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Simple Setups for 3X Intraday Gains? Strike Zone Strategy Objective entry signals for consistent results

Learn how Joe engineered an $8k+ gain while he slept

Most traders struggle when day trading futures because they miss the ‘Strike Zone’ or get caught by fake moves that are computer-generated.

Without simple repeatable setups and precise formulaic entries, they’re unable to limit risk, find trades, and they suffer needless losses instead of reaping big consistent intraday returns.

Take a look at this overnight gain in NASDAQ…

It’s like knowing where to cover before entering the trade. This strategy opens up many opportunities to target consistent gains, even while you’re sleeping.

Joe’s secret for 3X returns with “No Brainer Signals”

Day trading futures isn’t easy but, Simpler Trading’s Joe Rokop, proves that it can be simpler with his 15+ year track record. As Managing Director of Commodities and Equities, he’s known for generating gains of 100% to 300% (and more) with his popular Strike Zone Strategy.

Don’t know where or when to enter a trade?

Joe will show exactly where and when. In his class, Joe is revealing exactly how he keeps consistently achieving these results. These are low-risk, high-reward entries that are simple to execute.That’s why it’s possible for traders to get started with a small account.

Plus, you can absolutely follow this strategy around your schedule (no need to stare at the computer). Joe believes that the key to consistent returns is waiting for the market to enter the ‘Strike Zone’.

For example, take a look at this $3.4K overnight gain in the NASDAQ…

In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

  • How to properly manage margin requirements and small accounts
  • Joe’s “easy to follow” entry signals for consistent gains
  • How to take advantage of trends in both directions
  • Joe’s Top 5 “No Brainer Entry Signals” for 100% to 300% returns
  • A trading plan that fits multiple time frames to fit your schedule
  • Entry methods in optimal market conditions

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