Simpler Trading – The Moxie Stock Method

Simpler Trading – The Moxie Stock Method


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Here’s your pinpoint accurate method to achieve faster account gains.

Now it’s finally possible to look ‘beyond price’ to see stock moves before they happen.

What if you could look beyond price and identify big moves in stocks before they happen? Now is your chance to discover how TG achieved 103% account growth with his Moxie Indicator™ Method in a little over a year. Thanks to his proprietary Moxie Indicator™ he consistently predicts “pops and drops” in stocks that allow him to book returns of 10% to 200% (often within days).

For the first time, TG is revealing how he catches “Moxie Indicator™ Stocks” before they take off. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this step-by-step training is designed to provide everything you need, including TG’s breakthrough Moxie Indicator™, proven pre-trade checklist, and Moxie Indicator™ Scans for TOS.

Here’s a look at a pair of “pops” in UNG… Moxie confirmed the timing AND direction of the trades…

Moxie Indicator™ caught this move on both a daily and hourly chart for big gains — 21% and 8%.

These are called “Trampoline Moves” in the Moxie Indicator™… and the best part?

These moves are missed by traders even though these trades occur regularly.

Just imagine what those moves could mean if you caught them before they happened in stocks, or even options.

What’s the secret to finding ‘Moxie Indicator™ Moves?’ TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading, developed the Moxie Indicator™ because he wanted

to get past struggling to get consistent wins as a trader.

He designed this proprietary system specifically for stocks, but options traders love it, too.

Moxie Indicator™ is the tool behind TG’s 103% account growth — this is the tooI he wouldn’t trade a day without. It’s the secret weapon behind his ability to pick precise stock trades.

TG gets consistent results by following firm rules with the Moxie Indicator™. His simple chart checklist guided him to double his account in 14 months from $67k to $136k and he exploded a smaller $6k account to $20k in even less time.

Besides its ability to pinpoint killer stock trades that follow a strict checklist focusing on account growth, what else makes this tool so unique?

The simple Moxie Indicator™ checklist helps keep TG OUT of account killing trades.

The Moxie Indicator™ provides details about the indicator, what it does, and how it could work for you.

In the class you’ll learn:

  • Strict rules and checklist for entering positions
  • How to play bearish stock setups
  • How to use triple leveraged ETFs to your “unfair” advantage
  • How to avoid trades that could tank your account
  • How to use the Moxie Indicator™ to read the profit potential of any stock

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Simpler Trading – The Moxie Stock Method Contents: Videos, Pdfs, Indicators

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