The Ultimate Day Trader

The Ultimate Day Trader


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About The Book

Day trading is difficult. The path is fraught with risk. But a pot of gold awaits those who learn their lessons well. After four decades in the markets as a trader, analyst, author, educator, and system developer, Jacob Bernstein sets down a comprehensive guide to the art of day trading.
You will learn:

  • New day trading methods
  • Order entry strategies
  • How to avoid costly errors when using electronic trading platforms
  • Detailed strategies to maximize profits

With this book, readers will have the complete guide they need to profit from this risky but exciting field. Trading profits are just a day away.

About The Author

Jacob Bernstein

Jacob Bernstein is president of MBH Commodity Advisors Inc. and Bernstein Investments Inc. Born in Europe in 1946, Bernstein moved to Canada and then to the United States. He has authored more than thirty-five books on trading, investing, investor psychology, and economic forecasts, including the classic The Compleat Day Trader. His newsletters and advisory services are read internationally by traders, investors, brokers, financial institutions, and money managers. Bernstein’s consulting clients include some of the largest hedge funds, brokerage firms, market analysts, banks, and professional traders in the world. He maintains a web presence at Trade-Futures.com and his stock market advisory 2Chimps.com, Seasonaltrader.com, and Patterns4Profit.com. He has authored articles in Futures MagazineMoney MakerStocks and CommoditiesBarron’s Financial Weekly, FarmFutures, and other leading financial publications. He has appeared on numerous radio and television business shows. Bernstein holds a BA degree in clinical and experimental psychology from the University of Illinois with work toward a MA degree in the same field.

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