Trading Fanatic – The TFDW Bundle

Trading Fanatic – The TFDW Bundle


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What to expect within this course?

This module will help you eliminate all the noise and useless stuff you have learned so far. We will introduce heavily tested concepts that are applied in a systematic way. This will make your trading unemotional, strict and most importantly – profitable!

  • Professional Risk and Money Management Masterclass, Personal Finance insights, Realistic Trading Goals setup and a Plan for action.
  • In-Depth Market Structure and Trend Identification masterclasses that guarantee a Mastery of Market Structure and Market Understanding.
  • A Systematic way of Analysing the Markets each day. You will learn to analyze a pair flawlessly in just a few minutes.
  • A Deep Dive into Supply & Demand and Liquidity concepts. Reinforce your trading with some powerful institutional tools that give us a high win rate and risk to reward ratio.
  • Systematic Entry System. Learn about ”The Order” – a specific set of rules that you follow in order to enter a trade.
  • Assignments, Checklists, Additional PDFs, Flow Chart, Notion Trading Station and Journaling Processes.

Course curriculum


  1. Introduction to the Program and Modules.

  2. Introduction to the Community and Walkthrough.

  3. Community Rules.

  4. Trading Community Drawbacks.

  5. Your Journey with us!

  6. Forex Brokers – Which one to choose?

  7. Unlimited TradingView chart data hack.


Risk & Money Management Masterclass

  1. Why is Risk Management is Important?

  2. Defining your Trading Objective.

  3. Monetary Goals Workshop. Introduction to Personal Finance.

  4. Risk Management Plan Workshop.

  5. Risk Management Plan Mistakes.

  6. The Holy Grail of Trading!

  7. What you should know about Win Rate?

  8. How to calculate your Lot Size?

  9. Live Account Scaling Plan.

  10. Putting it all together.

  11. Submit your Risk & Money Management Plan!


Price Action, Market Structure & Trend Identification Masterclass

  1. What is Price Action?

  2. Introduction to Market Structure.

  3. Trend Identification Masterclass.

  4. Trending Markets – Uptrend.

  5. Trending Markets – Downtrend.

  6. Consolidating Markets – Ranges.

  7. Important Notes and Practise Session.

  8. Assignments Guideline.

  9. The Three Types of Markets.

  10. The Concept of Strong and Weak Highs & Lows.

  11. Strong and Weak Hs & Ls Practice.

  12. Major and Minor Structure.

  13. Major and Minor Structure Practice.

  14. The Concept of PD Ranges.

  15. Measuring Momentum.

  16. Your Daily Analysis Process.

  17. Notes on your Final Assignments.

  18. Strong and Weak Hs & Ls Assignment.

  19. Major and Minor Structure Assignment.

  20. PD Ranges Assignment.


Market Patterns & Formations

  1. Introduction to Market Formations.

  2. The DT Formation.

  3. The DB Formation.

  4. The CDT Pattern.

  5. The CDB Pattern.

  6. The EHL Formation.

  7. The ELH Formation.

  8. The MSS Formation.

  9. The TC Formation.

  10. The SB Formation + Summary of All.

  11. What about all the other Patterns and Formations?

  12. Notes on your Assignments.

  13. Market Patterns and Formations Assignment.


Candlestick Formations

  1. What are Candlestick Formations? Are they important?

  2. Engulfing/Full-Body Candles.

  3. Rejection Candles.

  4. The IB Candle Formation + Indicator.

  5. The 50% PB of Engulfing Candle Formation.

  6. The V Candle Formation.

  7. Notes on Candlestics, Exercises and Assignment notes.

  8. Candlestick Formations Assignment.


Trading Timeframes

  1. What do Timeframes mean?

  2. Which Timeframes do we use and How?

  3. Top-Down Analysis Process + Flow Chart and Examples.

  4. Your Flow Chart!


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