Trading NFX Course – Andrew NFX

Trading NFX Course – Andrew NFX


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NFX Trading started in 2020 after 3 years spent watching the financial markets, testing different strategies, struggling to stay consistent, losing money, to finally develop THE EXACT trading blueprint that brings mutiple 5 figures in profit every month.

Our goal is to build the next generation of traders.

It is our mission to continue helping people, who have no prior experience, to start exploiting this skill and to change their lifes.

NFX Trading is more than just a course… It’s a full flagship mentorship developed in a way that anyone can learn from and earn $10k+ / month


At 24 Years Old, I am the most influential TRADER in Romania, with over 5.5$M in funding.

I started NFX Trading Academy where over 1.000 Students learned how to successfuly trade the forex market. I went from a broke basketball player to a MILLIONAIRE by only using this simple high-return skill!

Trading is the only skill that can get you from having no money in your bank account to financial freedom through hard work and perseverence.

From this opportunity I created a successful business that helps people of all ages to fulfill their dreams.

If I succeeded, you can too.


In the last 5 years I invested my time in tens of courses and mentors… in order to find the “magic pill of Trading”.

I also spent a lot of money in these courses. A LOT of money. Do you want to know how much of that information was really worth the price? Less than 5%.

I “tasted” the feeling of dissapointment multiple times by believing and giving my trust to that Trading Mentor. That is why I promised myself I will always offer the best quality I can and let my results speak for themselves.

I am one of the few traders that is backed by real results, trading more than 5.5$M in funded capital.

I’ve participated in multiple interviews sharing the hard journey I went through to reach this point.

Best thing about this mentorship? You will skip all the struggles, sleepness nights, lost money, emotional breakdowns, because I already went through all of them and will help you avoid the obstacles in the ladder to success.


THE ROADMAP 5 Full Chapters of Mentorship

All the right information. No bullshit.

Chapter 1

• About Psychology and Mindset
• False Expectations
• Funded Accounts
• Being in Drawdown
• Losing and Winning Streaks

Chapter 2

• Why Forex Trading?
• Tradingview / Metatrader / Forex Factory
• All about candles
• Times we trade in
• Intraday vs Swing Trading
• Liquidity Explained

Chapter 3

• Market Structure / BoS / ChoCh
• Orderflow / Supply and Demand
• Flip Zone
• Points of Interest
• Imbalance
• Optimal Trading Range
• HTF Narrative
• Inducement and Liquidity

Chapter 4

• 4H / Daily Structure
• Fake Traps
• Understanding Each Pair
• Trade Management
• Quick Trading Plan
• Entry Models – 1 – London
• Entry Models – 2 – New York
• 5s Entry – 1
• 5s Entry – 2
• Putting it together – 1
• Putting it together – 2

Chapter 5

• Creating a Trading Plan
• Backtest / ForwardTest
• Funding Companies – 1
• Funding Companies – 2
• How to approach Funding Companies

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