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In the past 12 months, AI has changed the world, especially in the financial markets!

You can now learn how to build your own One-Person Quant Hedge Fund in ChatGPT. This includes new strategy development, enhanced data analytics, along with being able to learn nearly everything about trading: from beginner to professional – all at your own pace.

After completing this course, you will have the ability to build your own quant hedge fund including having capabilities that exceed a Bloomberg terminal!

This program is not just about learning; it’s about revolutionizing your trading approach. It equips you with the tools to seamlessly integrate AI into your trading strategies, elevating your methods from traditional to extraordinary.

Imagine having the power to leverage AI’s unparalleled capabilities, creating and analyzing simple to advanced trading algorithms, along with your trading insights to command your personal quant hedge fund.

Through this course, each class unveils a new dimension of AI in trading, from mastering super-intelligence and advanced data analysis to developing AI-driven strategies.

You’re not merely adapting to the new AI-driven trading landscape; you’re shaping it, armed with knowledge and techniques that place you at the forefront of this revolution.

Embrace this journey and redefine your role in the future of trading, where you’re not just participating in the market but leading it with your One-Person Quant Hedge Fund.

Class 1: Introduction and Intermediate Prompting Techniques

Length: 4 hours 32 minutes

Topics Covered:

-Super-Intelligence Applied To Your Trading.

-Becoming a Complete Trader  – from strategy development, to risk management, all the way up to mastering every aspect of trading in every trading instrument in the world.

-AI As a Revolutionary Form of Learning To Continue To Enhance Your Trading Knowledge and Skills.

-Advanced Data Analysis – Drop in any trading data spreadsheet and get a full analysis of your strategies and professional suggestions to improve your strategies.

Benefits you’ll gain in class 1:

  • Enables you to pull out sophisticated trading insights from ChatGPT.
  • Speed up your trading research process.
  • Gaining quick retrieval of market data, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.
  • Proprietary prompts we’ve created to enhance every aspect of your trading.
  • Tap into AI’s vast potential to identify hidden market opportunities.
  • Strategic Edge in Trading. By integrating AI into your trading practices, you will gain a significant strategic advantage. This course empowers you to navigate the complexities of the market with an AI-augmented perspective, leading to more strategic, data-driven trading decisions.

By the end of class 1, you’ll not just understand AI’s role in trading but will be adept at employing cutting-edge AI techniques to refine and elevate your trading strategies.

Class 2: Advanced Prompting and Practical Use-Cases

Length: 4 hours 54 minutes

Topics Covered:

-Strategy Development – You will learn how to build high performing trading strategies and portfolios.

-Advanced Data Analysis – You will learn how to take the most basic trading data, all the way up to the most advanced trading data, drop it into ChatGPT. And have AI analyze the data for you on the most advanced level.

You will have many of the same data analysis tools available to you as the most advanced quant hedge funds use to trade their funds.

Benefits you’ll gain in class 2:

  • Insight: Real-world use cases will equip you to analyze market trends and make time-sensitive trading decisions.
  • Application: You will learn how to apply ChatGPT’s unparrallled capabilities directly to your trading strategies, making them more robust.
  • Adaptability: You will learn how to prepare for different market scenarios, making your trading strategy more resilient in all market environments.
  • Strategy Development: Dive deep into the art of crafting cutting-edge trading strategies. This class offers a comprehensive guide on developing and refining trading approaches using AI, enabling you to create strategies that are not only innovative but also highly effective in today’s dynamic market.
  • Expertise in Navigating Market Volatility: Gain crucial insights into preparing for and thriving in various market conditions. This class equips you with the knowledge and skills to build trading strategies that are resilient and adaptable, allowing you to maintain stability and capitalize on opportunities, even in volatile markets.
  • Real-World Application and Tactical Edge: You will learn through practical, real-world use cases that bring theory into practice. This class provides a tactical edge, preparing you to apply what you’ve learned directly to your trading scenarios, ensuring you’re well-equipped to analyze trends and execute time-sensitive decisions effectively.
  • Comprehensive Market Insight: You will acquire the ability to conduct extensive and in-depth market analyses. This comprehensive perspective is crucial in today’s trading world, allowing you to make more informed decisions by understanding the broader market context.
  • Customized AI Integration into Trading: This class provides the tools to seamlessly integrate AI into your existing trading strategies. By customizing AI applications to your specific needs, you enhance your trading techniques, making them more dynamic, informed, and responsive to market changes.

By the end of class 2, you will have not only expanded your AI and trading toolkit but also transformed how you view and interact with the market.

You’ll emerge with trading strategies that are resilient, innovative, and poised to make a significant impact in your trading results.

Class 3: Advanced Data Analysis with ChatGPT

Length: 3 hours 30 minutes

Topics Covered:

-How to Apply the Advanced Data Analysis to your Trading (and beyond).

Benefits you’ll gain in class 3:

  • Class 3 gives you the language and concepts needed to approach data analysis, supplementing trading decisions with hard data.
  • You’ll rapidly transform raw numbers into actionable trading insights without requiring specialized software or skills.
  • Turn Data into a Profit-Generating Machine: You will learn how to morph trading data into actionable, profit-generating insights.
  • This class arms you with the skills to quickly transform complex data sets into clear, concise trading strategies – no specialized software is required. You’re not just analyzing data; you’re then learning the trading strategies to immediately apply it to your trading.
  • Capitalize on AI-Enhanced Analysis: This class is your gateway to AI-enhanced data analysis, allowing you to harness ChatGPT’s capabilities to an unprecedented extent. You’re not just learning advanced techniques; you’re integrating AI into your trading DNA.
  • Interactive Mastery of Data: Engage in a Q&A class where your data analysis queries aren’t just answered; they’re transformed into actionable strategies. This is where your data analysis skills are not just honed but mastered, ready to be deployed in the real world of trading.

By the end of class 3, you’ll emerge not just as a trader, but as a visionary data driven trader because of the knowledge and insight only this course can give you.

Class 4: Mastering AI-Driven Trading Strategies and Future Applications To Your Trading

Length: 3 hours 31 minutes

Topics Covered:

-Additional Recommendations To Grow Further.

-Further and Deeper Knowledge From Larry Connors Trading Strategies.

-Higher level Backtesting Insight From One of Professional Students in the Course.

-GPT Visual – You will learn how to take any market chart, load it into the new GPT visual, and gain unparalleled professional insight and analysis done for you by ChatGPT.

This is a brand new feature and analyzes any financial markets chart you have at unparalleled levels and insight.

-Free High Integrity Data Source (highly recommended) to look back decades, and have GPT analyze the data for you, along with providing you with suggested trading strategies to take advantage of its professional level analysis of the data.

-Bonus Class

-AI Resources to Continue Your Growth

Benefits you’ll gain in class 4:

  • Additional professional ways to apply a wide array of ChatGPT functionalities to your professional trading activities.
  • How to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into your existing trading workflows, enriching your strategies and your decision-making processes.
  • Gain an Unfair Advantage with Advanced Insights: Dive deep into the wealth of knowledge from additional recommendations and exclusive prompts. This is your ticket to gaining insights that others don’t have access to, providing you with an unfair advantage in the trading world.
  • Unleash Full Spectrum AI Functionalities: This is where you unlock the full might of ChatGPT in trading. Get ready to deploy a vast array of AI functionalities that will not just complement but revolutionize your professional trading activities. You’re not just learning; you’re transforming into an AI-powered trading titan.
  • Seamless AI Integration for Strategy Enhancement: Seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into your existing trading workflows, transforming every aspect of your strategy and decision-making. This isn’t just integration; it’s a total strategy evolution, where AI becomes an extension of your trading intuition.
  • GPT Visual Tools: Harness the power of GPT Visual to bring a new dimension to your trading analysis. Visual tools offer a clearer understanding and a more intuitive grasp of complex data, making your strategies more effective and your decisions more precise.

By the completion of class 4, you’re not just ready; you’re ahead of the curve. Armed with comprehensive AI-enhanced strategies and insights, you’ll step into the market not just as a trader but as a leader in AI-driven trading.

Throughout the course, you’ll be given homework assignments specifically designed to help you immediately apply what you’ve learned to your trading strategies.

Other Exclusive Benefits:

  • Trading strategies exclusive to course members only.
  • Immediate and future benefits to improve your trading for a lifetime.

Bonus Class

Length: 1 hours 42 minutes

Topics Covered:

  • World-Class AI Expertise at Your Fingertips: This bonus class puts you in a league of your own. By sharing insights from the elite data and AI experts, Rex and Caleb Briggs, authors of an upcoming MIT Press book on AI, you’ll understand where you stand in the global arena of AI knowledge and prompting ability. Prepare to see just how advanced your skills are compared to the rest of the world (hint – you have a tremendous headstart and you will learn how to maintain this competitive advantage.
  • Innovative Trading Insights from Peers: Discover groundbreaking ways your fellow classmates are applying AI in trading. This segment is not just a learning experience; it’s an idea incubator. You’ll gain fresh perspectives on applying AI to your trading strategies, seeing the vast potential of GPT in new, unexplored ways.
  • Exclusive Trading Knowledge and Strategies: The insights shared by other class members provide deep, actionable wisdom. Learn from their unique experiences with AI in trading, including advanced insights into risk management and strategy optimization that can redefine your approach to trading.
  • Personalized Learning and Growth: This bonus class is about your journey in AI-powered trading. Review your progress from the start of the course, and realize just how much you’ve grown. You’re not just learning; you’re evolving into a more sophisticated, AI-savvy trader.
  • Future-Ready Trading Skills: With discussions on the latest advancements in AI and its applications in trading, this class ensures you are well-prepared for the future. Stay ahead of the curve with insights into super intelligence and its impending impact on the trading world.
  • Create Your Personal AI Trading Assistant: Learn how to build your own GPT tailored for trading. This segment will guide you in creating a personalized AI that understands financial markets at an expert level, ensuring that every interaction is insightful, deep, and directly applicable to your trading needs.
  • Recognition of Your AI Mastery: As a participant in this groundbreaking course, you will receive an AI for Traders Certificate of Completion. This certificate is not just a symbol of your dedication; it’s a testament to your leading-edge skills in AI and trading.

Special Bonus – After each class, you will have the option of completing homework assignments. Larry Connors will personally assess the homeworks and provide you his insight along with making specific suggestions to improve your trading even further with AI.

Please note – Larry cannot give personalized advice. But he can and will provide you with his deep knowledge of AI combined with his 42 years of trading experience to help you enhance your trading.

***The AI for Traders Course will only be available until January 1, 2024. After that it will be removed from the market forever.

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