[GroupBuy] Ultra Blue Forex 2024 – Russ Horn

[GroupBuy] Ultra Blue Forex 2024 – Russ Horn


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Get ready to conquer EVERY obstacle keeping you from becoming a thriving 6-figure Forex trader! These secret strategies and techniques will revolutionize your approach to trading FOREVER!

Is it really possible for a struggling Forex trader to make 6 figures a year?

I can tell you that, since I’ve helped thousands of struggling traders find success, I can say with CONFIDENCE, that YES, you CAN do this!

Many make 6 figures, and others make 7 figures… year after year.

Imagine what being a million dollar trader would be like!

Maybe your goal isn’t to be a millionaire, but to comfortably pay the bills and never worry about money ever again.

Being a successful trader will change your life in dramatic and incredible ways!

I think it’s safe for me to assume that’s why you’re trading now… you want to do better for yourself and your family. You want to do more than just get by, you want to be FREE!

But until now, you haven’t found much success.

If you choose to learn this system and trade like you mean it, you can conquer that 6 and 7 figure mountain like so many traders have already done!

The fact you’re reading this now means you aren’t where you want to be. You might feel like trading is too difficult, or there is a big piece of the puzzle missing.

Please don’t judge yourself over what you haven’t done until now… Instead, get excited about what you’re about to do! You’re in the right place to change everything!

Your struggles are not your fault.

The problem lies in the lack of access to the insights I’m about to reveal to you.

These are the closely-guarded strategies discussed in hushed tones among ultra-successful traders, the tools they leverage to minimize risk and maximize profits, and the mindset required to ascend to six or seven-figure status.

That could change today!

I know you’re tired of ineffective systems and strategies promising the world, but fail you terribly. You discover these systems don’t work and were never going to work.

You’ve placed your trust in self-proclaimed “experts” who offer amazing trade signals, and they crush your account with each trade you place.

Possibly you’ve dabbled in the “revolutionary” trading systems built and designed by AI, again only to fail as you realized too late that AI was nothing more than a buzzword.

I’m here to reveal what it takes to succeed.

If you’re determined to achieve your trading dreams and are willing to absorb every insight I’m about to share…

Buckle up because you’re in for a transformative experience.

Before you read any further, I must issue this disclaimer:

Most people won’t profit from the knowledge I’m about to impart because they won’t take action. They’ll either disregard this information entirely or attempt to tweak it, thinking they know better.

If that sounds like you, it’s best to stop reading now and continue with systems that have been failing you.

First, you need a system that’s intuitive.

Below, you will see the featured trading system of Ultra Blue Forex called the Forex Blender.

The system has been built to be traded on MT4 and on Tradingview. The system is very clean and straight forward. You’ll be able to start trading this system after an afternoon.

These are images of the Forex Blender system on the MT4 platform, and on the Tradingview platform.

A system as simple as One, Two, Three!

The Forex Blender system has been reduced to it’s simplest components, and these are the components used by some of the biggest traders in the industry.

The most profitable trades follow a simple 1 – 2 – 3… trend, pullback, trade scenario. The Forex Blender system clearly shows you the 3 steps, and it uses several tools to pinpoint the most accurate signals.

If you can see the trend, identify a pullback, and see the signal, you can trade the Forex Blender trading system.

Next, you need a system that’s easy to trade.

Now, picture having a trading system that’s effortlessly navigable.

If you struggle to identify the setups, profiting from them becomes an uphill battle.

Many traders believe that complexity is synonymous with effectiveness in trading systems. It’s almost intuitive to think that trading, being inherently challenging, requires a sophisticated, intricate approach.

It’s like deciphering a cryptic message from the market…

But is complexity truly the answer? Let’s challenge that notion.

I’m here to demonstrate the exact opposite.

The simpler the system, the more effectively it performs. You’re seeking a system that strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication.

Too simple, and it loses its potency; too complex, and it becomes unwieldy.

Enter the Forex Blender – a harmonious blend of simplicity and effectiveness.

Below, I will prove to you how simple the Forex Blender trading system really is, and how easy it is to make money.

You can now trade with ease and confidence.

With each demonstration, you’ve experienced the ease and effectiveness of our system in action.

Now, prepare to take your trading to the next level with our complimentary resources and additional tools. These bonuses are tailored to complement your newfound knowledge and enhance your trading experience, ensuring you have everything you need to succeed in the Forex market. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your trading endeavors with our exclusive bonuses.

Let’s look at the FREE GIFTS included!

We’ll check out the array of FREE GIFTS that come bundled with the Ultra Blue Forex Blender trading system!

While the system itself is invaluable, I’m committed to providing you with a comprehensive toolkit to maximize your success and enjoyment in the Forex market. These additional resources are designed to complement the power of the Ultra Blue system, ensuring that you have everything you need to thrive in your trading endeavors. Get ready to elevate your trading journey with our generous selection of bonus gifts!

1. Trinitas Trading System – Value $500.00

The trading system you see in many of the YouTube trading videos I have posted. This system is used by some of the biggest professional traders you will ever know. Trinitas is considered an institutional trading system because of it’s power to accurately capture the market movement as it clearly shows off the market “framework”.

2. Forex Fulcrum – Value $500.00

The Forex Fulcrum is a system variant that used AI to produce the most successful set of moving average. The “Fulcrum” has become an institutional term for a sweet spot that occurs on multiple timeframes simultaneously.

3. Tactical Moving Averages – Value $500.00

A set of 3 moving averages that accompany the Blender system that have been altered specifically to be used with multiple timeframes. The settings for the moving averages have been fine-tuned to be very specific on each timeframe. This is a scapler’s DREAM, designed for the 1 minute, 5 minute, and 15 minute trader.

4. Candlestick Patterns – Value $100.00

This manual covers the 26 highest probability candlestick patterns, including cheat-sheats, market examples and detailed explanations. We then boil the top patterns down to the top 4 patterns that you need to know. These top 4 are a simplified combination of the patterns, so with these 4 “Power Patterns”, you will never need to know another pattern.

5. Fusion Trade Assistant – Value $500.00

This is an EA built for the MT4 user who wants a system that looks for the perfect trading setups for them. There is a high-probability trade called the Fusion Trade, and the Fusion Trade Assistant finds the setup automatically, alerts you to the potential trade, and will place the trade if you agree with it. You determine the risk amount and the reward to risk (target) and it calculates the lot size for you in an instant. This removes all the calculations you need to do, so you will never make a mistake.

6. Stop Loss Trader – Value $500.00

This is a tool that I CANNOT TRADE WITHOUT! It’s a must-have if I want to trade with the proper trade management and risk size. The stop loss trader can place a market order or a pending order. The process is simple, click a button and position the stop loss line that appears on the chart, then click buy or sell to get into a perfectly positioned size trade. On the other hand, click Pending and position your entry, then click to enter the order for a future trade. One you use this once, you will NEVER trade without it!

7. UBFX Discord – Value $1000.00

Connect directly to me and to other UBFX traders though our Discord server. You can ask any question anytime you have one. I make custom video responses when needed, and I take pride in answering all your questions. The Discord is the pace where you will find all the updates as they happen, and you will get the latest systems, manuals, and information. I often ask you for your opinion, and your contribution does impact the direction we take. I spend a good part of my day interacting with members, and you could be the next one there!

8. SO MUCH MORE – Value $1000.00+

Ultra Blue Forex has been around for several years now, and we’ve added so many features to the members member’s area.

Multiple additional systems with more being added on a regular basis.
Scripts for MT4 make trading multiple charts faster and way more organized.
Several unique indicators for those who like to experiment with effective tools.
Calculators tell you how to multiply your account faster and with daily, weekly, and monthly targets you need to reach to achieve your goals.
Forex Multiplier formula that shows you how to 10x your trading results without adding to the risk.
The list of additional features is extensive, and something you WILL NOT find anywhere else.

Sales Page:_https://www.ultrablueforex.com/?r_done=1

Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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