WealthFRX Trading Mastery 3.0

WealthFRX Trading Mastery 3.0


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Latest Videos

Daily Analysis on Telegram(Posted from wealthfrx website to telegram group so that everyone can access)

In these videos I am able to show the power of my bank session strategy and can highlight snippets of it.

However, I can not fit the majority of the strategy into these YouTube videos.

This course explains every detail that I use when trading each day, including:

✔️ How to draw precise Bank Zones

✔️ The most powerful Trading Indicator

✔️ How to use Daily & 4h timeframes for bias

✔️ London Session Mastery webinar

✔️ Gold & Silver Mastery webinar

✔️ US30 Mastery webinar

✔️ Entries, Stops and Targets for Bank Zones

BONUS #1 – Daily Outlooks. Every trading day before London I post an outlook which consists of my potential setups for the day and breakdowns of the previous day’s price action. Students have found this EXTREMELY useful.

BONUS #2 – WealthFRX Trading Journal. This Excel journal template will suffice all of your journalling needs.

This includes:

✔️ The 3 Phases from Gambler to Profitable Trader

✔️ Daily Psychology Hacks to prevent overtrading

✔️ Discovering and fixing your subconscious relationship with money and the market

✔️ How to reprogramme your brain for trading success

✔️ How to align your conscious and subconscious minds for trading profitability

✔️ Why making money in trading is completely different to any other business, and how to make this work for you

✔️ How to find your triggers and change negative belief patterns

✔️ Living the proper lifestyle for mental success in the markets

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